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School Travel Plan

Aims of the School Travel Plan

The ultimate aims of the Two Bridges Academy Travel Plan measures and initiatives are to encourage the uptake of sustainable travel, and a decrease in single car occupancy trips, and to increase awareness regarding sustainable travel.


The Travel Plan will aid the day to day management of travel to and from the school, and have identified measures for encouraging sustainable travel choices against which the effectiveness of the measures can be gauged.

The implementation of the Travel Plan is intended to achieve the following:

- Remove the barriers, both perceived and actual, to walking, cycling, car sharing and using the bus for school journeys, and promote the accessibility of the school by these modes.

- Increase awareness in the school community of the impact on the wider community of their choice of travel options.

- Encouragement of safe and viable alternatives to single occupancy car use for access to the school site.

- Provide information to help the school community to understand the benefits of active, sustainable travel and to support all members in selecting healthy, sustainable alternatives.

School Travel Plan

Modeshift STARS is a national schools awards scheme that recognises schools demonstrating excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable and active forms of travel.  Enable Trust collaborated with Modeshift STARS to create, develop and implement a Travel Plan for Two Bridges Academy, and achieved Green accreditation. A copy of our Travel Plan, and accreditation certificate can be downloaded here: 



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