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Enable Trust

Enable Trust

Achieving more together

How we work

Our schools work in deep partnership as one organisation to improve and maintain high educational standards across our Trust. Our trust has a single legal and moral purpose: to advance education for the public benefit.

However, we recognise the importance of schools in Enable Trust maintaining a strong identity, and work together to ensure that joined up processes enhance what schools can offer to children and families.  This means schools are empowered to be unique centres of expertise (autonomous) but collaborate deeply to enhance education for all our children, and to benefit from shared expertise, systems and processes that are helpful:

  • We work closely together and share expertise, which creates great opportunities for children and staff – SEND knowledge, curriculum, leadership
  • We share best practice - pedagogy
  • We offer structured career pathways for staff, supported by high-quality professional development so all staff, including teachers, classroom staff and leaders, learn together
  • We help teachers and their teams and leaders spend more of their time focussed on the one thing that counts the most – the holistic education of children
  • The support we provide to schools through our centralised business operations function including HR and Finance – makes this possible.

We believe in the importance of knowledge sharing – through outreach, research for sustainable improvement and support.

Enable Trust, as a group of professional experts focussed on meeting children’s needs, systematically identify and accredit excellence and are able to share it Trust-wide and system-wide, so all can benefit. We acknowledge that this doesn’t happen by accident and requires structures and processes that enable challenge, collaboration and knowledge exchange to happen systematically.  Enable Trust achieves this through wide professional collaboration to benefit children, grow expertise and support communities – we have an extensive network of positive collaborative organisations that we work with.

We advocate lifelong learning and parental engagement in children’s education and believe in supporting families:

  • We are advocates of the voice of our children in the evolving educational landscape.  Enable Trust is well-connected at local, regional and national levels.
  • We believe we are responsible for engaging with the wider issues and inequalities in society and have a commitment to challenging inequality.
  • Social justice and human flourishing are important to us.  We believe our children are worth every ounce of effort to actively work on the systems, not just in the systems – Enable Trust has a voice to influence our children’s futures
  • We believe that Enable Trust has a role to play in ethical ‘system leadership’.  We care about the life chances of all children – not only children in our own schools – our school Trust is a wider community.
  • We know that excellence and equity go hand-in-hand, and the improvement that matters - sustained, continuous improvement on our previous best – is ‘a rising tide that lifts all boats’.