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Enable Trust

Enable Trust

Achieving more together

Governance Framework

Whilst we have a clear legal framework that identifies the roles and responsibilities of each level of governance, this is a summary in practical terms of each of the key roles.

  • MEMBERS are in essence the guardians of the partnership; overseeing the strategic direction of the Trust, they will meet twice a year to scrutinise progress and developments
  • TRUSTEES have an active role in monitoring and determining strategy for all aspects of Enable Trust’s performance. Supporting, challenging and holding to account operational colleagues, CEO/DFO, for all aspects of performance and compliance.
  • LOCAL GOVERNING BODY have a single focus on school improvement in their local setting. They monitor, challenge and support schools in achieving outstanding learning. They represent the views and experiences of pupils, staff and families.
  • CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER (CEO) The role is one of an Accounting Officer. They are responsible for all operational aspects of Enable Trust, working in partnership with, but accountable to the Trustees, in setting and implementing the strategic development of the Trust. They have direct responsibility for all aspects of safeguarding, performance and compliance. Responsible for developing enhanced provision and extending the partnership aligned to LA/RSC and EFA aspirations.
  • DIRECTOR OF FINANCE AND OPERATIONS (DFO) Has operational responsibility for all financial, commissioning, estate, health and safety, risk management, HR, core policies, grant and capital project management aspects of the Trust. Accountable to the CEO and Trustees with a key focus on compliance, efficiency and income generation.