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Enable Trust

Enable Trust

Achieving more together

Aims and Objectives


  1. To ensure that all pupils feel happy and safe and achieve their full potential developing the skills they need to succeed and enjoy life.
  2. To ensure each school within the Trust is a centre of excellence; providing exceptional holistic learning experiences for each and every pupil and innovative, research-led professional development opportunities for teaching and support staff.
  3. To promote excellent SEN pedagogy locally, regionally and nationally through NATSA and partnerships with SEN specialist MAT (Special Partnership Trust).

In order to achieve its aims the Trust will be committed to:

  1. Ensuring high levels of personal development, independence and life skills alongside academic progress for all pupils within the trust through relevant curriculum, pedagogy and inclusion opportunities.
  2. Ensuring all pupils are engaged, believe in their ability to succeed and strive to be the best that they can be.
  3. Developing innovative learning environments with outstanding teaching and learning opportunities with high quality resources and support in all member schools.
  4. Sharing specialist staff expertise and resources across the trust to benefit all pupils and provide staff with excellent leadership and CPD opportunities which ensure succession planning is effective and the quality of teaching and learning is built upon.
  5. Strong governance and strategic leadership to ensure accountability for pupil outcomes and enable Headteachers and local governing bodies to focus on pupil well-being and outcomes within their schools.
  6. Using economies of scale and joint negotiating powers to release more money to support pupil well-being and teaching and learning.
  7. Working closely with other agencies to provide sustained effective support for families of pupils with SEND.
  8. Developing sustainable links with the community that will support pupils’ needs, interests and career and future pathways once they have left school.
  9. Working collaboratively to promote excellent SEN teaching practice. 

Core principles:

  1. Shared values and vision of meeting more needs, more fully more of the time and to ensure it is sustainable.  Sound moral purpose steers the direction of travel. 
  2. To ensure the Trust is operationally excellent, holding ‘meeting all pupils’ needs’ at the very heart of all our work. 
  3. Principled, inspirational leadership, in order to ensure sustainable high quality provision. Succession planning that grows skills and talent across the Trust and adds value to the Trust’s improvements over time.
  4. To promote and share SEN best practice. To work collaboratively with partners – schools, MATs, local authorities, external agencies from health and social care, colleges and other education and care providers.

We have a vision for Enable Trust to grow and mature over time to enhance the vision.

Wider opportunities for pupils are available through collaborative use of resources, buildings and facilities, expert staff that support teaching and learning, advice and guidance and therapeutic input across the Trust. These include:

  • opportunities for collaborative learning for pupils across the MAT eg curriculum projects, talent groups, Makaton and social skills groups
  • opportunities for pupils in terms of work experience, mentoring of younger pupils
  • opportunities for pupils to benefit directly from in-house expertise in multi-sensory approaches to teaching and learning, eye gaze technology, sensory interventions, behaviour management strategies, excellent teachers who can mentor and support new staff
  • an expanded range of learning opportunities for pupils such as access to different physical environments, resources, staff, peers.  For example, access to hydrotherapy at New Siblands School, outdoor learning environments, design technology suite or kiln for pottery at Culverhill School
  • access to a more flexible curriculum for all.  Pupils have opportunities to go to different schools for different lessons, staff can offer their expertise in both schools, for example sensory cookery at New Siblands School, horticulture at Culverhill
  • pupils have more connections from the wider learning community of the MAT to support the development of their understanding of the world
  • pupils have access to a wide set of staff expertise across the Trust to maximise the impact of teaching and learning.
  • to ensure pupils will benefit from additional financial input into each school to contribute to meeting needs more fully.  This will be achieved over time and will be planned to ensure the sustainability of the provision.  Pupil outcomes will be enhanced – well-being, education, opportunities, access to services to support children and their families

Aims for developing sustainable special school leadership for the future

Enable Trust has the aim of growing the next generation of school leaders to ensure sustainability for high quality specialist provision in a climate where national shortages of school leaders threaten outcomes for pupils; particularly in core subject areas.

Our aim is to support the growth of reflective, confident, courageous and emotionally intelligent ‘architect’ leaders (as defined by the research published by Harvard Business Review in 2016) across the Trust to have a significant, positive impact on pupil outcomes and sustainable improvement for every school and every pupil in the Trust. 

We aim to maintain our intellectual capital and talent within our MAT, retaining our best leaders for the future.  However, we also aim to equip and release leaders to lead other schools across the country as we are fully aware of the recruitment crisis facing education in our nation, and seek to contribute to the wider picture of need, particularly within SEN. 

A strong partnership with the Special Partnership Trust in Cornwall supports regional SEN priorities as we collaborate over developing expertise, shaping policy, contribute to the emerging co-operation between education, health and social care to support the wider system. 

Enable Trust will be open to enhancing outcomes for all children through having an ‘open’ ethos of helping schools to meet pupils’ needs.  It will not be exclusive to special schools and welcomes partnerships with mainstream schools.

However, the Trust will be mindful of sustainability and our capacity, so our growth strategy means we will be careful not to take on too much too quickly.  The core values and vision will bring clarity to the direction and decisions the Board will take.