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Enable Trust

Enable Trust

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Unions FAQs

Will sick pay be affected?

No, the burgundy book for Teachers and the Green Book conditions of service for support staff will be followed

Will pay be affected?

No.  The schools at present have slightly different pay policies in place for teachers and work will be undertaken to have one consistent policy in place for September 2018

Will pensions be taken over by another company?

No – see answer 4

How will it affect the school budget?

Healthy budget plans have been drawn up for all three schools and for the MAT which demonstrate sustainability and the ability to support our desired outcomes for the next few years

Will staffing be reduced?

No there are no plans at present to review any staffing within existing schools

Will hours of work change?

No there are no plans to adjust the school hours at present

Will holidays stay in line with current LA dates?

At present the MAT plans to follow the same term dates as South Gloucestershire Council.  This may be reviewed at some point in the future

Will the schools still be monitored by Ofsted?


Will unions still be recognised by the new academy?


Will staff be moved between academies in order to cover/fill staff shortages?

If staff would like the professional development opportunity to observe/work/train/cover in one of the other schools we will facilitate this but they will not be compelled to do so.  All new staff will have a mobility clause in their contracts that can require them to work at alternative schools within the MAT

Who will make up the committee of governors and who will be the overall Head of the schools?

Enable Trust has an excellent board of trustees who will oversee it. They include leading experts in special education, business, mental health and educational psychology. Please see the trust website for their details. It is envisaged that the CEO will be Andrew Buckton the current headteacher at New Siblands and previous deputy headteacher at Culverhill.