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Staff FAQs

Is my pay going to change?


Will all support staff across the MAT follow the same pay scales?

All support staff that are currently part of the MAT have been through the Hay evaluation process handled by the Local Authority to ensure consistency of grading and responsibility levels etc

Will I still be paid by South Glos?

Yes our current arrangements for payroll are through Integra Schools HR and there are no plans to change this at present

What impact will the Multi Academy Trust conversion have on the pension scheme for all staff?

None, both Teaching and Support staff pension funds will remain with Teachers Pensions and the Avon Pension fund respectively

Will our pensions be affected?

No – see answer 4

Do I sign a new contract?

No not unless you apply for a new job e.g. a promoted position or new role within the trust

Will I be asked to work across the MAT and do I have to?

If you would like the professional development opportunity we will facilitate this but no you don’t have to.  There will be a mobility clause to allow working across the MAT for new staff

For those on existing contracts, will the new contract state that we cannot be required to work across the MAT?

No new contracts will be issued – see answer 6

Will the academy schools follow the Teachers’ Pay and Conditions document?

Yes, the MAT is committed to adopting STP&CD annually

Is that the case for pensions, sick and maternity pay?

Pensions will remain the same, as will the entitlements to sickness and maternity

Will my working hours change?

No, unless you formally request a change to your hours

Once conversion has taken place, are teachers guaranteed their current positions or will there be movement between schools?

Teachers will continue to work in their present schools. If you would like the professional development opportunity to observe/work/train in one of the other schools we will facilitate this but you don’t have to

Will it mean more redundancies in the future if it is not financially sustainable?

No, becoming part of a multi-academy trust should help us to safeguard jobs and make redundancies less likely than remaining as individual schools.  We will work on a redeployment policy that will assist with this

Do the three schools share a budget?

No each school will keep its own budget but pay 5% of its income into the MAT budget. Any surplus remains with the individual school

Will staff ratios and support stay the same?

Yes we must keep providing the same quality of education to our pupils that we offer currently, there are no plans at present to change staffing arrangements

What happens if I am not happy about the new contract?

No new contracts will be issued for existing staff members, unless they obtain a new post or promotion

Will there be a reduction in admin hours/staff as other academies have lost admin?

No there are no plans at present to review any staffing within existing schools

How long will Culverhill have an acting deputy and head teacher for?

As long as it takes to carry put the necessary recruitment processes.  Trustees are working on finalising the leadership arrangements ASAP to try and ensure stability for staff

Is the long service award carried over?

Yes the existing long service award will be honoured for existing staff.  It will not be offered to new members of staff

If I have a bespoke role, will that change and will I be asked to work across the MAT?

No – see answer 6