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Enable Trust

Enable Trust

Achieving more together


Our vision for Governance

  • To maintain local governing bodies in each school to continue to provide the support and challenge to ensure pupil are reaching their potential.
  • To establish a highly professional MAT board that will hold Governing bodies and executives to account and to lead the strategic direction of the MAT.
  • To ensure we have strategic governance that is allied to our educational focus
  • To deliver increased effectiveness and efficiency by clarifying the differentiated MAT governance roles and responsibilities in a Scheme of Delegation and providing a bespoke professional development programme for trustees and local governors.

Strength of Governance

Enable Trust’s governance is exceptionally strong and well placed to support the delivery of the best possible outcomes for pupils.  This will be done through:

Strategic Planning

The skills and experience of the Members and Board of Trustees, along with the Local Governing Board who are well established across the two schools, bring SEN expertise at a strategic level that is ground breaking at a National level. 

Enable Trust plan to harness this expertise to impact regional priorities through strategic partnership with the Special Partnership Trust in Cornwall and through partnership with Olympus Academy Trust Teaching School to develop cutting edge relevant training to assist all schools in adapting curriculum and assessment to meet needs more fully in line with the Rochford review recommendations.  Enable Trust has the nation’s leading experts to assist with this at a strategic level, in conjunction with ETHOS (Enable Trust Holistic Outreach Service).  The combined rigour of the CEO as a current Ofsted Inspector and a former HMI (enhanced SEN) ensures strategic oversight will be of a very high calibre.

Partnership with Special Partnership Trust, CSET and Olympus Academy Trust TSA additionally supports our intentional design of strategic succession planning for highly skilled leaders who are driven by a strong moral purpose and who are confident to challenge the wider system at the interface of education, health and social care in the rapidly changing landscape.

‘Better’ practice

A strong arm of financial and business expertise additionally places the Trustees to strategically oversee evolving ‘better practice’ (not ‘best practice’ as Sir David Carter has implored).  This will be enhanced through the partnership with CSET and OAT.  The model of research-led, enquiry based practice outlined in the findings of the Rochford review and Professor Barry Carpenter’s work, resonates with this strategic aim as Enable Trust contributes to the transforming architecture of special education within the wider system from here and beyond.  Better practice centres around growing our expertise through the enquiry-led principle, collaboration and sharing findings.